Poke Berry
A Powerful Healing Agent

But, can be dangerous if not used correctly

Poke berry or poke herb as it is often called, is one of the most powerful healing agents found in nature today. However, it can be quite dangerous if it is not used correctly. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced herbalist before trying to incorporate into your herbal plan.

What Is It?

poke berryIt’s known by many other names than just the two listed above, such as cancer root, pokeweed, inkberry, cancer jalap, and pigeon berry.

It has a very pungent odor and is indigenous to North America and parts of the Mediterranean. It can grow to heights of 12 feet or more. It blooms right before dark. It also has purple or black berries.

The best time to harvest is in the fall. Not only is the plant less toxic then, but it also has the greatest medicinal properties. There are many healing compounds found in poke berry, such as tannins, saponins, Vitamin K, and Phytolaccic Acid.

Why It Can Be Dangerous

This plant can be prepared a number of ways, including as a tablet, tincture, or oil. Ingestion should occur only the minutest of amounts such one drop a day. Ingesting too much can cause very adverse reactions. The leaves of this plant can be eaten, but it requires a very specific cooking process. It must be cooked in three different changes of water to remove the hazardous oils and liquid.

One berry may be taken each day for its medicinal purposes, but you cannot chew it up. If swallowed whole, then the seeds inside will simply pass through the body. If the seeds are chewed, then the plant’s toxins are released into the body. It should be noted that one poke berry is equal to one drop of tincture.

Herbal Remedy Applications

Poke is best known for its effective on the lymphatic and immune system; however, it’s also known for its dangerous emetic and purgative properties. When prepared correctly and under the guidance of a trained herbalist, it can be used to treat many infections, such as strep throat, influenza, ear infections and herpes.

Treating Immune System

The poke plant has shown promise in treating immune system problems, specifically those related to B and T cells. There is hope that it will provide an important benefit to those suffering from AIDS and HIV. Skin disorders can also be treated, such as acne, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, and eczema.

Many conditions that affect the lymph glands can be positively affected by this plant. Tonsillitis, glandular fever, and mumps symptoms can ease with the proper poke treatment.

Massage Oil

It has also been used as a massage oil for women with sore breasts, mastitis, and swollen lymph nodes. Some research has shown that this plant can kill certain types of leukemia cells. It helps to inhibit the cancer from creating the proteins that the cancer needs to multiply and survive.

Additional benefits of the poke berry plant include the effective treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. It is believed that the powerful healing properties can help ease the pain and swelling of this debilitating disease.

In Closing

It cannot be stressed enough that you use caution when using this plant in your herbal plan. A trained herbalist should be consulted before you use any part of the plant as an herbal remedy.

poke berry
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