Nettle Root Benefits

nettle root

Nettle root has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It is available as a tea and a liquid extract as well as a dried extract in pill form.It's also often called stinging nettle because the chemicals in the spines on the stems and leaves cause a stinging sensation when touched.

Using Nettle Root as a Herbal Remedy

The main nettle benefits come from its inherent nourishing and immune stimulating properties.Nettle herb root is rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids and several vital nutrients including vitamins A and C as well as Vitamin D, which is rarely found in plants.

In addition it also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and small amounts of plant sterols. All of these substances make nettle herb root very useful for treating malnutrition, rickets and anaemia and also for healing broken bones. This herb is also used topically in the treatment of skin rashes and eczema and to sooth rheumatic and arthritic joints.

Taken regularly several times a day, fresh nettle juice helps flush away uric acid from the tissues, which helps reduce the pain of gout.

Nettle herb root tea is often used for to treat diarrhoea and intestinal weakness. Its diuretic property makes it useful for helping rid the body of excess fluid and also for treating bladder infections and kidney weakness. It is also effective at controlling hay fever symptoms.

How to Use Nettle Root

Nettle herb root is a healthy and tasty addition to several different types of dishes including soups, stews, pastas and scrambled eggs. When cooked, they have the same appearance and taste of steamed spinach.

Nettle herb root can also be juiced and combined with other fresh juices including apple or carrot juice.

Nettle Herb Root Precautions

nettle root herbIt is crucial to consult with your doctor before using nettle herb root, especially if you are taking any type of diuretics or any other type of drugs for lowering blood pressure. This is because of the herb’s diuretic and hypotensive actions, which could lower blood pressure even more.

There are no other warnings or dangers cited for this herb. However, it is advisable that only young nettles that are picked before flowering should be used for food and medicine.

Mature nettles develop mineral conglomerates that are hard and stony and can cause urine retention as well as inflammation of the urinary organs when used for along period of time.

nettle root
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