Herbal Remedies for Kidney Stones

What Really Works?

herbal remedies kidney stones

Herbal remedies for kidney stones are very popular because once you go through them, most people will do anything to prevent them from happening again. It can be very painful and unfortunately, most people who suffer from kidney stones once, will have them again. Below, you’ll find some great information on kidney stones herbal remedies.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are deposits of calcium, cysteine, or uric acid. There are a lot of different theories as to why these stones develop, but no one is exactly sure. Diet is probably a factor. People who consume plenty of fresh vegetables or who stick to a vegetarian diet are less likely to get kidney stones. Obesity and previous kidney infections increase the risks, as well.

Kidney Stones Symptoms

The symptoms of kidney stones include sudden, sharp pain, nausea, vomiting, and sweating. Some of the more severe cases can cause bleeding upon urination. Most physicians will prescribe pain medication, as well as alpha blockers to help calcium stones dissolve faster. In most cases, once a diagnosis is made, the treatment will focus more on preventing the stones.

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Stones

Lemon juice is said to reduce the size of kidney stones, helping them pass through the urinary tract easier. Goldenrod is used extensively throughout Europe for getting rid of these stones and it’s also an excellent herb for maintaining urinary tract health. Agrimony, yarrow, shepherd’s purse, horsetail, and nettles have also provided many people with relief from bleeding due to kidney stones.


cranberries kidney stonesMany books about herbal remedies for men state that cranberries help prevent kidney stones and this can also be said of rose hips.

These herbs work by acidifying urine, which helps prevent stones that occur in alkaline urine, such as calcium. Rosemary has been shown to inhibit the formation of kidney stones in a study in Paraguay.

Kidney Stone Tea

One of the most effective herbal remedies for kidney stones has been used for centuries in Chinese herbal medicine. Kidney stone tea is a combination of hydrangea root, wild yam root, cramp bark, corn silk, plantain leaf, yarrow leaf, and joe-pye weed. It helps flush out the substances that can lead to stones. You can also find this formula available in a tincture.

Diet Changes

There are some diet changes that you may want to use to prevent kidney stones from forming. Avoid foods like rhubarb, beet greens, spinach, chocolate, cheese and sorrel. These foods have been shown to be somewhat problematic and can actually lead to the formation of stones.

In Closing

Kidney stones are very painful, but there are herbal remedies for kidney stones that can help prevent this condition. Be sure to check with your physician before starting any herbal supplement if you take prescription medication. Some of the herbal remedies may not interact well with prescription medication.

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